60A 45A 30A 20A 10A Solar Charger Controller 12V 24V Auto Backlight LCD Solar Panel Regulator


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10A VS1024AU
20A VS2024AU
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60A VS6024AU
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12V 24V Auto
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60A 45A 30A 20A 10A Solar Charger Controller 12V 24V Auto Backlight LCD Solar Panel Regulator Dual USB ViewStar-AU Series


The VS-AU charge controller is a PWM charge controller with a built-in LCD that adopts the most advanced digital technique. The multiple load control modes enable it can be widely used on a solar home system, traffic signal, solar street light, solar garden lamp, etc.


Adopt high-quality components of ST, IR and Infineon, make a sure product using lifespan – 3-Stage intelligent PWM charging:Bulk, Boost/Equalize, Float

LCD design, dynamically displaying the device’s operating data and working condition

Multiple load control modes: Manual mode, Light control

Battery temperature compensation function(NOTE: Unplug the RTS, the temperature of the battery will be set to a fixed 

value 25ºC.)

Extensive Electronic protection

Energy statistics function




Model VS1024AU VS2024AU VS3024AU VS4524AU VS6024AU
Nominal system voltage 12/24VDC Auto
Battery input voltage range 9V~32V
Rated charge current 10A 20A 30A 45A 60A
Rated discharge current 10A 20A 30A 45A 60A
Max. PV open circuit voltage 50V(24V System) 25V(12V System)
Max. PV open circuit power 240W(24V System) 120W(12V System)
Battery type Sealed(Default) / Gel / Flooded
Equalize Charging Voltage Sealed:14.6V/ Gel: No/ Flooded:14.8V
Boost Charging Voltage Sealed:14.4V/ Gel:14.2V/ Flooded:14.6V
Float Charging Voltage Sealed/Gel/Flooded:13.8V
Low Voltage Reconnect Voltage Sealed/Gel/Flooded:12.6V
Low Voltage Disconnect Voltage Sealed/Gel/Flooded:11.1V
Self-consumption ≤9.2mA/12V;≤11.7mA/24V
Temperature compensation -3mV/°C/2V(25°C)
Charge circuit voltage drop ≤0.29V
Discharge circuit voltage drop ≤0.16V
Working environment temperature -25°C~+55°C
Relative humidity ≤95%, N.C.
Enclosure IP30
Grounding Common Positive
USB output 5VDC/2.4A(Total)
Overall dimension(mm) 142x85x41.5 160×94.9×49.3 181×100.9×59.8 194×118.4×63.8 214×128.7×72.2
Mounting dimension 130x60mm 148x70mm 172x80mm 185x90mm 205x100mm
Mounting hole size Φ4.5mm Φ5mm
Terminals 4mm /12AWG 10mm /8AWG 16mm /6AWG 25mm2/4AWG
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  • Brand Name: ever
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: VS1024AU VS2024AU VS3024AU VS4524AU VS6024AU
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Application: Thermal Controller
  • Application: Charger Controller
  • Application: Voltage Controller
  • Application: Lighting Controller
  • Application: Solar System Controller
  • Application: Solar Working Station
  • Maximum Current: 60A 45A 30A 20A 10A Solar Charger Controller
  • Nominal system voltage: 12/24VDC Auto
  • Battery input voltage range: 9V~32V
  • Max. PV open circuit voltage: 50V(24V System);25V(12V System)
  • Battery Type: Sealed/ Gel / Flooded/AGM
  • Grounding: Common Positive
  • Dual USB output Charger: 5VDC/2.4A(Total)
  • LCD Control: backlight
  • Item: EPever Solar Panel Regulator



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