We sell and install a wide variety of home security – solar & wind power systems and cellular networking solutions

Get Boosted!

Our Home Networking service ensures you are online all the time, we ensure every corning of your home or office has a consistent connection to both cellular networks and your internet provider. Our booster box system is the best on the market, we offer an additional full installation service with every purchase of all our items for sale on our website. Our mobile repeater offers the best coverage than any other product on the UK market within it’ price range, we are not only cheaper we are also better and have a few consultancy services available on our website through our contact page or use our helpful Facebook messenger icon at the bottom left of this screen.

Stay Secure!

Everyone knows the importance of security, your home/office or work place can’t be occupied every minute of the day, but, with our high quality survailence systems you can keep a watchful eye on your property from thousands of miles away. You can even interact with any visits from your mobile phone whether you are home or not.

All our systems come with an option to have our installation service.

Go Green!

With rising energy costs and uncertainty in the energy market, there has never been a better time to invest in a renewable energy system of your property. the common misconcept is that renewable engery systems are expensive or have a short shelf life. Many modern systems now are so effective that you can rest assured once it is installed you will enjoy no energy bills for years to come!

Make sure you make the right choice for your needs. ask our helpful team using our contact section or use the Facebook messenger app at the bottom of the screen, our skilled staff will be happy to advise the best options for your specific need and discuss our installation services.

We offer an installation service on all our products. Once your order has been processed we will contact you with the option of this service. However, should you wish to check with us before making your order we are happy to receive any questions and advise you of the best options specific to your unique requirements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!